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Visit to Mittur to promote tree based farming

Reported by Ms. Bhavya. C

Mittur is a small beautiful village with around 200 families. Agriculture is the main occupation of the villagers with a small number of farmers depending on livestock and daily farm labor activities for their livelihood.

The Visit was organized by Dr. Jagadeesh Mittur, Dr. Malali Gowda and Mr. Mahantesh on 20. 04. 2019. The main purpose was to educate, convince and inspire Mittur farmers about the tree based farming. The farming system which will fetch them an assured source of income with minimum care compared to conventional agriculture and eventually leading to the increase in the ground water table accounting for sustainable farming.

Dr. Jagadeesh Mittur introduced the members of DNA Life organization, Dr. Malali Gowda, Mr. Mahantesh, Mr. Lokaranjan and Ms. Bhavya. C and explained the purpose of their visit. The team discussed with few farmers and collected their views on current farming situation in the village and learnt that the farmers were worried about depleting bore well water, which was directly affecting farming and their livelihood.

Dr. Malali presented the power point slides with information on how to convert barren land into rain forest by planting tree sapplings and various other techniques that helps in faster establishment of the forest. How forest helps in receiving sufficient rainfall and increase ground water table. They were also informed about the community based commitment in maintaining village forest and educated the farmers on the benefits that they can avail from government forest, agriculture and horticulture departments for better farming.

The outcome of the effort realized in the form of villagers discussing on how they can start tree based farming in the village. They were convinced that, the tree based farming is both economical and sustainable. Farmers discussed with the team and have promised that they will first start from their home planting atleast two tree sapplings, around the borders of their farm and then slowly shift to tree based farming. Mr. Babu, a youth from the village was assigned to collect the information regarding how many and what kind of tree species each farmer wants for planting in this monsoon season.

Futue plan about the planting activities in the village will be coordinated under the leadership of Dr. Jagadeesh Mittur and young volunteers of the village.

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Dr. Malali's Presentation
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Interaction with the village farmers
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Planting of tree sapplings at the school premises
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Planting of tree sapplings at the school premises


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