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Biodiversity & DNA Life team has successfully transformed barren landscape with life forms through Biodiversity Conservation efforts and dissected the building blocks (genes) of life through next generation Genomic Sciences

We strongly urge the society/community to take action towards conservation based science to protect Mother Earth !

Founder: Dr. Malali Gowda.

Maybe it's time to address the actual reason for water scarcity. DEFORESTATION is the real problem!

Lets do our part in addressing the problem by planting more trees and being the solution rather than being the reasons for unrest and disharmony.

Join DNA Life Organisation in making a difference! Plant a sapling! Help us in our effort to make the Earth greener! #CauveryIssue

Please go through the below articles to get a better understanding about deforestation and climate change.

References for the posters and Facebook pages can be found here.


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