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       Rainforests are among the most important places on earth; although rainforests occupy less than 10% of the landmass, they harbor nearly 50% of the global biodiversity, bring rainfall and sustain livelihood in the tropical regions. The rainforests of Western Ghats in India are one of the biodiversity hotspots; however, over three-fourth of this habitat is deforested due to human activities.To counteract deforestation-driven problems and to rescue rainforests, BCRT was formed. BCRT is a non-profit organization committed to conservation and documentation of biodiversity and strives to establish a more harmonious relationship between man and nature. Based primarily in Anuganalu, a village located at the foot of the Western Ghats, our main focus has been to encourage the community to grow local species of trees, which our nursery grows in its hundreds of thousands. A barren stretch within Anuganalu was afforested successfully and serves as an experiment that can be repeated in other villages too. We are working on conservation of soil and water, habitats for birds and preserving bio-diversity in nearby hills. We are also propagating plants known to the local community for their medicinal properties. We conduct workshops for farmers and school-children where we give live demonstrations on the importance of biodiversity conservation.


    While you are here we urge you to browse through the projects we have handled in the last five years and our plans for the future. Please take time to learn more about us, our principles and how we started. If you are a nature lover committed to promoting the spirit of conservation, you could participate in more ways than one. Please feel free to contact us at           



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